Hey, you!

Thanks for dropping by. As you may have initially noticed, this is my first post. Bear with me as this is one of my attempts to do something new. I may not be able to promise you a good start, even show you an interesting blog/site. But hopefully, this will be included in my ways of lending a hand to those who will be needing it. So here it goes…

My name is Nicole Leonardo. As a Psychology graduate of a university in Manila, I hope to be a Clinical Psychologist someday. Although I am currently an HR Practitioner focusing on Recruitment and Assessment, I am now on my second term in my graduate studies to pursue my goal. So, yay!

I am not a professional writer, nor a licensed Psychologist. Give me time, though. I’ll do my best for you and ace that exam soon (But first, the Psychometrician licensure exam, which I may discuss later on another post).

Financially and emotionally draining, my first term was a challenging experience for me. Studying is not new to me, as I have mastered it for 14-15 years. Likewise, working is no longer a scary thing for me as I am in the corporate setting for almost 3 years now. Juggling the two is a different issue. And hell, it made me realize a lot of things.

To sum it up, I attached a picture that I saw somewhere a few months ago. It may be clichΓ©, but as your FUTURE PSYCHOLOGIST, I advise you to DO IT! Do your plans and goals in life. It is the only way for you to determine if it is really for you.

I did it! I was able to push myself and enroll for my first term. I was even surprised that my grades were not bad, considering that I had a hard time balancing my responsibilities and human needs.

Another check on my list is my second term enrollment. And now this, my first blog as my way of providing virtual support.

Now is also your time to view your list and start checking. Trying it is better than just staring at it.