Don’t expect praise or appreciation.

(Title is an excerpt from Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project)

Today’s Homily was a reminder to be humble. And ironically, the title was the first sentence that I read upon opening Gretchen’s book.

Nowadays, people expect that their achievements will be recognized by others. Why shouldn’t we? We put a lot of effort to accomplish the things we desire the most. We deserve it. The mistake here is that most of us begin talking about our accomplishments rather than letting those accomplishments speak for itself. 

There is nothing wrong in being proud of ourselves. But we should remember to always keep our feet on the ground. It is better to be praised voluntarily by others rather than them being forced to do it. It is nicer to hear compliments especially those we never thought we would receive.

Remember that stress can be a product of expectations that never came into existence. Why attract problems that, in the first place, were never there? Let us do what we can and should; focus on facing the difficulties that stop us from achieving our objectives; and humbly accept the outcomes of our actions.


Quarter Life Crisis


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Being a Recruiter was once my dream. Although it is still one of my ideal jobs, I cannot deny those moments when I wanted to be the worst employee I can imagine. The type that will disobey company policies and disrespect others. The one that can write that resignation letter and request for an immediate release from all those work-related difficulties. That person that will accept any other job just not related to the one that I currently have. I know I am not the only one who feels this way. But hey, we can do better right?

As a Clinical Psychology graduate student, meeting new people in school gives me more ideas on what to do with my life. Yes, it is an opportunity for me to meet and expand my network…but having more suggestions from others especially those with careers different from mine can be quite tiring for a mind of a 23-year-old.

We are done with the first week of class or what may be known as “getting to know phase” which made me realize that there are really a lot of career opportunities for a Psychology graduate here in the Philippines; aside from the clinical, industrial and educational settings.

But how? I am used to this. I can handle the challenges in Recruitment. Why the sudden interest in career shift? I already tried being in the educational setting as a Part-time Guidance Counselor. Why am I considering it again? Why do I also find it exciting to be a SPED Teacher? Why are you present, quarter life crisis?

Shout out to the others who are also experiencing this: DO NOT COMPLAIN. EMBRACE THIS MOMENT OF CURIOSITY AND DOUBT. Let us move on, continue living our lives and consider this our chance to find and improve ourselves. This phase is a reminder for us that we are doing a great job. It means that we are trying to be the best and we are challenging our abilities. This is a good way to know if what we are now is what we should be.

What is Happiness?

I am currently reading Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project”. I just started with this one and upon reaching page 8, I decided to think of my own meaning of happiness.

What is happiness? There are a lot of possible definitions and only one is valid/the perfect meaning to an individual.

For me, happiness is reading a book. Happiness is playing with my dog. Happiness is spending time with my loved ones.

Happiness is doing what I love. 

The latter one may be true to all of us. But like happiness, love comes with different meanings.

So what again is happiness? Maybe happiness for Gretchen is writing, and happiness for J.K. Rowling is the same. But their happiness is still different from one another as J.K. may prefer fiction different from Gretchen’s liking. (Only judging from Gretchen’s The Happiness Project)

We do not need validated theories and/or published books to look for our own happiness. Happiness can be defined by living and exploring our own lives: doing what we can, should, and want.

I’m not saying that we should not read books like what Gretchen wrote. Like others, this may be our reference and motivation to find our happiness.

I know, who am I to judge? Considering that I have just started with this book. Let this post be my outlet for my initial idea on Gretchen’s project. Should I find her book fascinating until the end, let this also be a recommendation for you to read it.

We are in control!


To those who find it hard to go to work on time, here’s my lolo’s award for having a perfect attendance for 6 years! By the way, he has been awarded for more than 10 consecutive years. ‪#‎ProudApo‬

It is inevitable for a person to blame others.

Traffic here in the Philippines is usually considered by all as the main reason why they are late for work. I have thought of that once, maybe twice. I even considered the opportunity of buying cars way easier (and cheaper) than before as another cause of my tardiness…but who are we kidding? We, people, decide to buy and drive those cars. Ergo, we are in control. 

The picture above shows the award given to my lolo / grandfather back when he was still employed. You have read that right, it was for his 6th year of perfect attendance. He even made it up to more than 10 years! My mama / mom told me that even a super typhoon did not stop my super lolo to go to work.

I guess this post applies mostly to Millennials like me, who “sometimes” find it hard to: wake up early in the morning, prepare for work, perform tasks routinely, maybe enjoy an hour or two with friends at night, and go back home and sleep. Repeat. 

Yes, they say we are the “Lazy Ones” or those who give up easily. Some say we want to do a lot of things at once, while others say that we do not believe that work is meant to be done the same way everyday. We have a lot of opinions about this generation, and I’m not writing this post about it. So let us respect those opinions and move on…

Point is, we have the choice. Regardless of our difference in age, culture, beliefs, etc…we are in control of our lives.

We have our own priorities then we go set our own checklist in order to achieve it. 

Maybe my lolo’s goal back then was to get the awards given to a person with perfect attendance. It might not be anyone’s goal now, but look at his achievement. He was able to do it, I am sure we can achieve ours too.

We need not sacrifice our health or time with our loved ones in order to get what we want. Remember, there may or may not be a sacrifice involved. With this, we must just choose wisely. Prioritize. Which is worth more of our time? Is our goal worth it?

Let us avoid blaming others for our limitations and/or failures. Let us change and improve ourselves and our view of our surroundings will follow.  

Why get licensed/certified?

Most undergraduate degrees here in the Philippines have licensure examinations and/or certifications. The Philippine Psychology Act of 2009 was the starting point for us, Psychology graduates, to really earn the respect we deserve in doing our profession.

Passing the board exam was first on my list after I graduated last 2013.I did enroll myself in a review center but just wasted the money that my mom gave me because I barely attended. We were supposed to be the first batch of licensed Psychometricians. However, the exam was postponed.

Having the tendency to be impulsive, I decided to look for a job. I accepted the offer of becoming a Talent Acquisition and Assessment Specialist and for almost 3 years now, I am still thankful of having the patience to deal with the stress at work. HAHA.

The first exam was held last 2014. I tried last 2015 but I did not pass. At first, I was humiliated to admit my failure. I was even scared of taking the exam again. But here I am now, still wishing I will be one of the psychometricians someday.

I already have a stable job: I’m administering tests and interpreting results which are included in the job description of a licensed psychometrician. Now, why should I still bother in taking the exam?

I admit that even though my boss gave me the authority to manage the assessment of applicants, I am still not certified to do so.

This is to the others who also failed the exam: We still have the chance. No one is stopping us. WE CAN DO IT!

And for those who are experienced in administering tests, but are not yet licensed: Also take the exam! I know you can also do it!

Psychology can be studied and loved by anyone. There is a reason why those who want to start a career in the said field are now encouraged to take the licensure exam.

Give those who put value in their profession the respect they deserve.