Balancing Life

(Photo from Pinterest)

(Photo from Pinterest)

When I was still a fresh graduate, all I wanted to do was to land a job and perform as best as I can in order to raise my salary and be promoted. Although I still have not achieved that six-digit salary and a room of my own, I am satisfied with my career in the industrial setting and a new goal has been planted which is to also start a new path in the clinical setting.

My decision to work and study at the same time makes me realize things that I did not imagine I can do or can think of. Although it can be exhausting, I would rather choose this than a life with what-ifs and should haves. I have also included other realizations that I have had ever since I started working. There might be those who will disagree, but these are some I hold on to right now. 

1. What you are now is different from what you were before.

2. Your goals will change. 

3. Never compare yourself to others. 

4. Your college friends will be your college friends. They will be busy and it is okay to meet them only once or twice a year.

5. The stress level of a student is nothing compared to one who is experiencing quarter life crisis.

6. Your career may not be in line with your degree and it is okay as long as you are okay with it.

7. It is normal that finding a job is difficult.

8. Everyone will love and hate you at the same time.

9. Be yourself. But sometimes, it is best not to be too open to others.

10. Seminars are really helpful. 

11. Do not just settle on what life will give you. Sometimes, it is best to chase life. 

12. Your grades and the school you chose may help you have a job, but it will never define what you can do in the future.

13. Work but do not forget to rest and enjoy your salary once in a while.

14. You are getting old…so are your parents, grandparents, and other relatives. 

Working alone will never make one rich. Take a break and spend some time with your loved ones. Make time for yourself. Know what matters most and from there you will realize how wealthy you are.


Who is your favorite teacher?

(Photo from Pinterest)

(Photo from Pinterest)

“Who is your favorite teacher?” 

Some may still find it hard to answer that question, including me. It is not because I do not have any; they are just too many. Aside from my former and current teachers/professors, I will never forget the things I learned from my experiences. 

The three can really stand alone and still provide equivalent results when combined together. Heart-breaks. Empty pockets. Failures. 


We just have to accept that we have our own path and we will experience a lot with different individuals. Sadly, those we believed to be always there may soon be busy focusing on their own lives. Let them be. It is heartbreaking to acknowledge or just feel that the bond you once had will soon be forgotten or set aside. Let us try to understand. There is no need to seek revenge, whatever type it may be. We can continue to show our love by giving them their own space to grow. Of course, let us not forget that we need to grow up too. Remember that even an extrovert needs some time alone.

Empty pockets.

They say money cannot buy happiness. Yes, I agree. However, most ways of being happy will really require money even just a small amount of it.  We just have to prioritize and have a strategic plan. Know the difference of can, shall and want. Try to appreciate what we currently have, think of its benefits especially aimed for development, and do not hesitate to take a gradual step to change for the better. Live simply and from there, we will be able to realize that what we need is or can be readily available to us. 


Experiencing things we do not want to happen is one of the worst feelings. There is no option left but just to accept it. Embrace it until we feel its purpose. Be thankful of failing because without it, we will only settle for what we already have. If that is the case, growth is not present. 

Plan ahead, but do not forget to live in the moment

My Grandparents

Let me say this: It is difficult to manage time. 

For years I have been trying to prove how I can easily handle both my responsibilities and desires with my loved ones. There may be instances that show how I really can, but it sure did drain my energy. 

Yesterday was Grandparents Day. Although we were not able to be with our cousins, aunts, and uncles, I consider my immediate family lucky for spending the day with our grandparents. We accompanied them to Pampanga so that my Lola/Grandma will be able to visit her sister on her birthday.

The event made me reflect on my priorities. Of course, most of it are future-oriented. One of my priorities is to finish graduate school the soonest. And together with my work schedule, the sacrifice is that it is difficult for me to set dates with my family and friends. 

We all have responsibilities and a lot of things we want to do. We also want to celebrate a lot of milestones with those  who saw us grow up until we were able to stand on our own because of them.

What we want is what we can achieve. The challenge on this is all in the mind. If we start thinking that ‘future’ is more important to be accomplished than what we can at the moment, sooner or later we will lose the things that matter most. Let us not take the present for granted. What we have now is what will help us to get what we can in the long run. 

Life as a personal elevator


Photo is from the notebook provided during the seminar-workshop of ChildFam-Possibilities Psychosocial Services

For two weeks, I wanted to write something about appreciation of life. It is an exciting and challenging topic for me yet I find it hard especially where to begin. As you read this post, you might even feel the difficulty that I am having. But here it goes…

First, the reason that I chose this is because pre-consciously, I might have wanted to relate it to my birthday which was yesterday. Second, it might also be because the board exam results came out this week and I still have the tendency to compare myself to those who passed. And third, I find this year to be very different and this made me reflect on the things that I have experienced and changed my life and my view of it.

After I graduated, I do not go to work in order to celebrate my birthday with less stress. I spent my birthdays by just relaxing at home and having dinner with my loved ones. Yesterday was different. I was lucky enough to take part of a seminar-workshop related to a career in the clinical setting which is an advantage for me especially now that I am trying to know more about Clinical Psychology. During the event, the speaker made us watch The Butterfly Circus starring Nick Vujicic. You may watch it on Youtube and comment if you agree with my list below which includes my realizations and favorite lines that may help us on how to be more positive in life:

  • The way we go on with our lives depends on how we see our similarities and differences from others.
  • Sometimes, we need motivation from others in order to act on our own. 
  • Do not let others define who you are. 
  • We all have limitations and strengths. 
  • Everyone has a different history. 
  • “The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.” 
  • “Something magnificent can rise from the ashes.”
  • “We will all feel helpless, and those people who have the responsibility to help are not exclusive of this.” 

In life, we will really experience both achievements and challenges. As we enter an elevator, we might encounter people who also came where we were from but may leave on another floor different from where we are headed. There may also be times where we will forget to control the machine to direct us on the floor we wanted, but we can still do so once we are conscious to take the lead. How we manage this machine is somehow similar on how we can direct our lives. We are our own operator. Let us avoid comparing ourselves with what others can and cannot do as we live differently from them.