Fear, I am still here.

All of us are afraid of something. Those thoughts or events that we wish never to happen, things and places that we hope not to see, and people we dream not to meet…or lose.

All of us also considered that certain fears of others are not that scary compared to our own definition of fear. But if we look at it from their perspective, we might understand.

Fear, like us, may grow, disappear, and change. Some still have fears, which began when they were still young. Others were courageous enough to face theirs. While some, who indeed faced their fears, unintentionally welcomed new ones.

No matter how big it affects our lives, we must always keep in mind that we are the creator and energizer of our fears. We are in control of what we think of. One might be afraid of cockroaches because he was so focused on what happened to him when he was a kid and a cockroach flew towards him. Others might have experienced the same thing, yet he is one of the few who think of it as a big factor of his life.

No matter how big fears affect our lives, go on and embrace it for a moment. Embrace it in a way that we will also do something on how to let go of it.

Do not wish to have a fearless life. Aside from fear being a hindrance of our potential, it is also a motivator for us to outgrow fear itself. Do not compare your fears to those of others.Β We are stronger than our fears. Be in control.