2017 Resolution

I guess a lot of us are already thinking of possible New Year’s resolutions. Based on experience, I fail to accomplish mine completely. Nonetheless, it will not hurt anyone if we hope to do new things, right?

Below was my resolution for this year, 2016.


Out of the three, I did lessen the habit of swearing. Hehe.

So, what are my goals for 2017? Here is a draft.

  1. Exercise;
  2. Read more books aside from those school-related;
  3. Travel;
  4. Save more money than what I was able to this year;
  5. Buy a planner and write what happens daily. Do not hesitate and just write even if I cannot think of a creative way to record it; and
  6. Find a boyfriend for my dear Hettie (below is our picture). 15824216_10211687702536515_2143577883_o

Although it is exciting to have yearly resolutions (and to actually accomplish it), we must remember that every day is an opportunity for us to change and to do something extraordinary not just in our lives, but those that will affect the lives of others as well. Every second of every day is so important and this is what we tend to forget. I know it is fun and we do need some time to relax and temporarily leave our busy lives, but we can also use those moments to think of other ways in making our existence one of the best. Do not just celebrate birthdays, hop from one job to another, and count your savings. Most of the times, doing something outside our comfort zones are the most unforgettable moments. So for 2017, I wish and do hope that each day we will have the chance to challenge ourselves and make something happen.

Happy New Year, everyone! 2o17, see ya later!


On preferences and its differences


2017 is just around the corner and I am sure most of the Filipinos reading this are aware of the popular Starbucks planner/journal.

A short background: Those who are interested to have one must collect a number of stickers which can be done by buying the company’s drinks.

Although a lot are willing to join this craze, there are still some who think that such planner is expensive (one sticker is to one drink which may cost P100-P200) since it may be worth more than P2,000. However, let us think of it this way…

We all have our own preferences. Person A might prefer having a cold coffee while Person B likes hot coffee. Person A might be the type who likes reading stories after watching it on the big screen. Person B, on the other hand, will finish the book first.

I once had the motivation to buy a Starbucks Frappuccino every day to get myself a planner. However, when it is my turn to work hard for my daily expenses, I decided to be more practical and consider other journals (and coffee) that will fit my budget. I had my time of being a part of that “planner-sticker excitement”. I am not saying that I am being more responsible than others. I am choosing this because it is what I want.

I am also the type who collects books. If I will compute my total expenses for the books that I bought, it may even be more expensive than the Starbucks planner which may be a person’s collection just like my preference on having a lot of books.

Regardless of the differences on preferences, show respect. Let others be. It is their choice and it makes them happy. Focus on yourself. Continue thinking and making ways on how to live your life and likewise be happy as you can be. 

What’s for tomorrow?


Lately, I am having this fear of being alone or losing something or someone I really treasure. First, my dream of being a Clinical Psychologist. I fear that I will not be able to become one. I am afraid that I will not pass the requirements. Second, my career. Although there will surely be a change in my profession and I am willing to take that risk, it still scares me. What if my career now is better than the career that I am trying to build? And lastly, my relationship with my loved ones. Am I doing my best to make it work? Am I making them happy?

Funny thing about life is: answers are in front of us, yet most of the time we do not acknowledge it. Being sure is what we prefer, but what are we sure of what will happen tomorrow? We say we are afraid and weak to face the unknown. Little did we know that we are all brave as we have the courage to end a day and wake up to new challenges and unknown events.

We truly are capable of doing anything. Outputs depend on decisions and actions. Inventions will not exist if its creators were not that risky. Success will not happen without failures. Relationships will not last if giving up is the first option.

It is okay to have fears, but we must focus more on what to do next. Our negative experiences will hone us to face more challenging ones so be thankful rather than be afraid that it might happen again. Be open to what is next and be brave to ask – What’s for tomorrow?