On preferences and its differences


2017 is just around the corner and I am sure most of the Filipinos reading this are aware of the popular Starbucks planner/journal.

A short background: Those who are interested to have one must collect a number of stickers which can be done by buying the company’s drinks.

Although a lot are willing to join this craze, there are still some who think that such planner is expensive (one sticker is to one drink which may cost P100-P200) since it may be worth more than P2,000. However, let us think of it this way…

We all have our own preferences. Person A might prefer having a cold coffee while Person B likes hot coffee. Person A might be the type who likes reading stories after watching it on the big screen. Person B, on the other hand, will finish the book first.

I once had the motivation to buy a Starbucks Frappuccino every day to get myself a planner. However, when it is my turn to work hard for my daily expenses, I decided to be more practical and consider other journals (and coffee) that will fit my budget. I had my time of being a part of that “planner-sticker excitement”. I am not saying that I am being more responsible than others. I am choosing this because it is what I want.

I am also the type who collects books. If I will compute my total expenses for the books that I bought, it may even be more expensive than the Starbucks planner which may be a person’s collection just like my preference on having a lot of books.

Regardless of the differences on preferences, show respect. Let others be. It is their choice and it makes them happy. Focus on yourself. Continue thinking and making ways on how to live your life and likewise be happy as you can be. 


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