2017 Resolution

I guess a lot of us are already thinking of possible New Year’s resolutions. Based on experience, I fail to accomplish mine completely. Nonetheless, it will not hurt anyone if we hope to do new things, right?

Below was my resolution for this year, 2016.


Out of the three, I did lessen the habit of swearing. Hehe.

So, what are my goals for 2017? Here is a draft.

  1. Exercise;
  2. Read more books aside from those school-related;
  3. Travel;
  4. Save more money than what I was able to this year;
  5. Buy a planner and write what happens daily. Do not hesitate and just write even if I cannot think of a creative way to record it; and
  6. Find a boyfriend for my dear Hettie (below is our picture). 15824216_10211687702536515_2143577883_o

Although it is exciting to have yearly resolutions (and to actually accomplish it), we must remember that every day is an opportunity for us to change and to do something extraordinary not just in our lives, but those that will affect the lives of others as well. Every second of every day is so important and this is what we tend to forget. I know it is fun and we do need some time to relax and temporarily leave our busy lives, but we can also use those moments to think of other ways in making our existence one of the best. Do not just celebrate birthdays, hop from one job to another, and count your savings. Most of the times, doing something outside our comfort zones are the most unforgettable moments. So for 2017, I wish and do hope that each day we will have the chance to challenge ourselves and make something happen.

Happy New Year, everyone! 2o17, see ya later!


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