Dear Nickelodeon


I was able to read an article about Nickelodeon’s plan on building a theme park in Palawan. It might not be the most updated article on this matter but here is a link for your reference: Nickelodeon to build underwater theme park in Palawan

I went to Palawan before and it is beyond amazing. Although I was not able to enter the majestic El Nido, I must say that Palawan was able to maintain its natural beauty. Upon reminiscing my travel experience, I immediately plucked up the courage to message any account of Nickelodeon on Facebook.

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Dear Nickelodeon Management,

Whatever plan you have, I hope you will consider that Palawan is already beautiful as it is and it no longer needs man made parks. I admire your purpose to connect kids to the nature but such plan is no longer necessary if they visit Palawan. How then, can you connect them to nature if not through such proposed plan? Create stories and put it into your shows. Have games that will let them discover the true beauty of the world without (or with less) man made constructions.

Please think of what you can give to your viewers in the long run, not just what you can have now as temporary happiness.

I am not posting this because I do not consider Nickelodeon as a reputable institution. I have been a fan of its shows when I was still a kid and I will never deny the moments of watching it. In my opinion, the management might not have fully considered the true beauty of nature especially when we do not interfere with it. Hence, my abovementioned open letter.

To apply this in our daily lives, let us try to always think of our actions and its possible consequences. We all have this tendency to consider temporary happiness over the permanent ones which will then lead to regret. True happiness is achieved through hard work and patience. You want to build healthy relationships? Be true and give time. You want to be successful? Work for it. You wish to have a lot of money? Save and consider all clean opportunities. There are a lot of ways to achieve what we aim for so do not just settle on what is easy because we will not learn from it.


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