Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

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Last month, I passed the Civil Service examination which really surprised me since I thought I was not prepared enough. Days after that, I found out that I was considered to be a member of reputable institution whose advocacy is mental health awareness. Those days were very positively overwhelming!

I was so excited and I am still glad that I was chosen by that institution. I spent a week of training and learned ways of helping others, ways that cannot be obtained in school. I am beyond blessed.
However, I also became anxious during that period of training. I was so lost and confused. If I will accept their offer, I should give up one of the activities that I am currently doing. Will it be my review class? Will it be my graduate school? Or will it be my career as a Recruiter? I considered being a member of their institution with a fixed goal in mind: to be of help in the clinical setting. Both my review class and graduate school are related to it. I will let you guess what I did.
Whatever the decision I made, it did remind me of a lot of things and I hope these will come in handy for you too:
1. Be prepared to jump. It is okay to jump to things you are not certain of. Jump to feel that you are alive. Going outside my comfort zone led me to jump to places I never thought I will go. I hope you will also have the courage to do so.
2. Needs vs. wants. Prioritize yourself before others. I know it is selfish. I also know it is tempting to get what you want, but can it also give you what you need? The answer can be yes, no, or both.
3. We are all young and old. I am not talking about how old we exactly are. We are all young with the freedom to make mistakes and start again. We are also old enough to make our own decisions and have the courage to face various challenges. We are the only dictator of our limitations, and usually these limitations are in numerical form.
4. It is okay to be lost. Life does not come with instructions or manuals. Pave your own path. Stop for a minute or two and ask others where to go or what to do, but it is still your choice if you will follow them.
5. It is okay to be not okay. Acknowledge what hurts you. Accept your limitations. Without it, you are not you. Because of it, you become your future you.
I hope I was able to be of help to readers who, like me, are lost yet courageous enough to still wake up everyday and continue with their map regardless of the roadblocks ahead.

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