Comfort Zone


I did it. I filed that resignation letter.

Days before that, it became clear to me why it was hard to decide. I am putting other opportunities at risk because I am afraid of letting go of what I am used to. Yes, I did say to jump and be prepared, but a part of me (a big one) was still afraid of what might happen. It really is true; it is easier said than done.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Recruitment and Assessment. I just don’t want what I am doing anymore. I no longer see myself improving in this situation. I have to let this go.

There really are things in life where we must accept the fact that no matter how we love it, we have to distance ourselves from it. Maybe just this moment, or maybe forever. 

I love my job. But maybe, it does not love me back this time.

Just like in any situation or community, once we get to know the people we interact with, you know…more than the usual His and Hellos, it is so hard to clearly see that we will not grow with them forever.

We have to move on. That is what graduation is all about. You enter a university. At first, you might have no idea on the course you chose. You meet new friends. You think you will fail subjects. But before you graduate, heck, you passed all the requirements! And then comes more years of learning.

One’s life has no specific road map. Our parents have no idea of what’s gonna to happen to us. They might have a big impact on how we are right now, but it still depends on us. We own our lives. 

Leaving my comfort zone is exciting and scary. It is exciting because I finally have the time to do what I plan on doing. Scary, because I keep on thinking if this is really for me. But one thing is for sure: Whatever happens, I am happy with my current situation. 

Enjoy the process. 


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